This holiday, I planned to do some open source project. I have been wanting to develop my own open source project since a long time ago, but didn’t have any decent project idea. Every ideas I came up with have been done before.

One day, I came up with a contest reminder idea. I am a competitive programmer and I think this will help many people. There is already a similar app but I feel that I can make a better one by offering native experience on android.

The first thing I do was scraping coding site to get contest information. I find this approach hard to do because some of the coding site use ajax call. Later, I find that Hackerrank provides a coding contest calendar. So I use that as my contests source.

When developing this app, I really focus on the user interface. I want this app to looks visually pleasing.I have heard that people only use 6 seconds to judge an app, that’s why I really focus on UI. I search some apps with good UI on google and try to mix and match the design into my app.┬áThe UI design changed about 2-3 times until I feel satisfied.

The development process takes about a month. I stopped about two weeks in the middle because I feel bored. Published it on Google Play Store right after I tested using it for 2 weeks. Currently there is about 50 peoples using it. I am glad that this app can be useful for someone out there. I have never make an app that is used by people before. Every softwares that I made were for school assignments and all of them feel uncomplete and useless. This is my first time making a real app that is used by peoples and it is a great feeling knowing that your creation can be useful.

Anyway if you want to check out my app,  this is the link.

Currently this app covers :

  • Hackerrank
  • Topcoder
  • Codechef
  • Codeforces
  • Hackerearth

Anyway that’s all. This is my first time writing a blog in english. I want to improve my english by writing. Thanks for reading my blog.